Air filters

 DD dust filters, PD oil coalescence filters and QD oil vapor filters



Pressure and flow range

Matching your compressor



Efficiently reduce all types of contamination in your compressed air stream to protect your investment, equipment and processes.



Our innovative filtration solutions are engineered to provide the best quality air & meet today’s increasing quality demands.



Reduced energy costs: 

Designed for maximum contaminant removal, our filter range offers significant energy savings thanks to their optimal air flow path with low resistance. The filters’ carefully engineered housing and cartridge ensure minimal pressure drops.

Solid reliability: 

High performance stainless steel filter cores ensure durability of the cartridges. Protection paper avoids direct contact between the filter media and the stainless steel filter core.

High efficiency: 

Top quality filter media in a deep-wrap layered composition ensure extremely high filtration efficiency, a low pressure drop and long cartridge lifetime. The flow path through housing and cartridge is optimized to reduce air turbulence and pressure drop.


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