To meet the high operating standards in electronics manufacturing, our compressors produce 100% pollution-free air with high pressures up to 15 bar, ensuring that your process runs smoothly and maintains ultra-clean production conditions. Our 24/7 flexible leasing service ensures that your business can run safely under planned and emergency shutdown conditions, even when power is affected.


Instrument air: 100% oil-free air for pickling, pressing, drilling, moving and placing electronic components

Process air

Clean air: used to clean and polish PCBs, remove chemical deposits on etched wafers, and clean air knives during LCD panel production

Nitrogen brazing: compressed air for nitrogen generators

Sewage treatment

Power supply: Diesel-driven generators to cope with power outages or power shortages


100% oil-free air compressor sets the standard for electronics manufacturing

Our pollution-free air compressors cover a wide range of applications in electronics manufacturing.

As an ISO-certified clean air company, we continue to set industry standards. Oil-free air has become indispensable in electronics manufacturing.

Improve process smoothness and reduce scrap rate: Oil-free air prevents instrument blockage, deposits on electronic components, and improves your working environment.

Reduces the failure rate of the final product: oil-free air prevents deposits on parts during cleaning. This prevents short circuits and malfunctions.

Fewer defects and lower scrap rates: Oil-free air in direct production and assembly keeps the work area clean and prevents deposits on end products from causing defects and scrap.

Pure gas ensures high quality products: keep nitrogen clean and avoid deposits on hot parts. Oil can damage the diaphragms used in the air separation process; with clean air, you can control maintenance costs.


Advantages of Brunek (Shenzhen) Equipment Leasing Co., Ltd. Air Compressor Package

Low fuel consumption diesel driven equipment: Use our diesel driven models to benefit from low fuel consumption and low emissions

Energy-saving electric equipment: The motor type adopts variable speed drive (VSD) technology to provide the perfect combination of exhaust volume and demand, saving 35% of energy

Reliability: First-class compressors with proven reliability: Minimize downtime and smoother operation

Excellent maintenance: all routine maintenance is included in the rental price

Open all year round and full service: experienced engineers design and configure according to your needs, providing a full range of fuel services

Ensure clean air: use non-polluting air to minimize environmental impact

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