Our range of industrial leased compressors and generators covers a variety of applications in thermal, natural gas, nuclear and waste heat power plants.

Flexible 24/7 leasing services ensure a fast, cost-effective response to short- and long-term planned outages and emergency outages.
• Nuclear power containment pressure test

• Electromagnetic induction coil test for mobile generators over 500kVA

• Instrument air 100% oil-free compressed air for operating valves and other components

• Leak detection Clean 100% oil-free air for overall leak rate testing

• Speed ​​test

• clean air

• Flue gas desulfurization

• Sandblasting

• Pipe maintenance

• Sewage treatment

• Power supply Diesel-driven generators keep your machine running


Fast, reliable, cost-effective and complete power plant services

Whether it is a planned or emergency power outage, we always provide you with fast and reliable mobile rental equipment to ensure that you can continue to operate normally.

Our equipment is diverse and wide in scope. According to your special requirements, we can provide single or multiple air compressors equipped with all necessary accessories to solve your application needs.

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